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Attorney James Albert


Mike Cefalo and Jim Albert


Cefalo and Associates has been representing injured bikers for decades and sponsoring bike nites and bike runs for years.

Unfortunately, last year motorcycle fatalities continued to increase, according to the NHTSA. Far too often motorcycle fatalities and seriously injured riders are left without enough insurance to cover their medical bills and other losses. 

Attorney Jim Albert said "It's tragic when a motorcyclist is devastingly injured by a careless driver with little or no insurance. I wish they would talk to me at bike nite so I could explain the need that mortorcycle riders have for specific insurance coverages."   

Our lawyers are here to answer your insurance and injury questions. You can speak with them either at the office or at events like bike nite or one of the runs we sponsor. They will also review your motorcycle insurance policy with you for free to make sure that you are covered if you are in an accident. Recent rulings in the Pennsylvania  Supreme Court have affected the interpretation of motorcycle policies so stop by and find out how this recent decision may affect you.

We ride motorcycles. We know motorcycles. We represent injured bikers.

Call us at (570) 655-5555 or send us an email at lklee@cefaloandassociates.com.

Most importantly - Stay Safe! 

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