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Michael J. Cefalo, Ret.

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"I like helping people. I’ve always been this way. I’m Always trying to make things better, to correct a situation."

Mike Cefalo likes cars, and he owns several, including a red Ferrari. The Ferrari isn’t his everyday car, of course, but he does take it for an occasional spin. One day he was in the Ferrari and stopped at a traffic light when four young men in a Jeep pulled alongside. “Hey, mister,” the driver yelled, “cool car.”

“Thanks,” Mike answered. Then, sensing an opportunity, he added, “You know, kids, it’s not that hard to get a car like this. I’m kind of an old guy and I’ve been around a long time earning a pay check. That’s all it takes to get one of these. The trick is to stay alive long enough. So, you guys should really think about wearing your seat belts.”

The next sound Mike heard was: click, click, click, click. They all buckled up.

That’s vintage Mike Cefalo. He’s spent his whole life trying to make things better and he will never pass up an opportunity to do so.

“I like helping people,” he says. “I’ve always been this way. I’m always trying to make things better, to correct a situation.”

Sometimes, he admits, it makes those around him uncomfortable. “My wife can get upset with me, especially when I walk up to a perfect stranger who just lit a cigarette and ask him when he’s going to stop smoking. These things are no good for you, I’ll tell him. I don’t see it as butting in. I see it as trying to help somebody."

Helping people is not just merely a hobby for Mike Cefalo. It was his profession as well.

Mike studied law and spent some of his professional life in Washington, D.C., but his practice had always been in Northeastern Pennsylvania. “I grew up 500 yards from where the office is,” he said.

Mike Cefalo became an attorney over 50 years ago, then later founded his law firm which continues his legacy of being "The People's Law Firm." 

“It’s not a slogan,” Mike says proudly, “It’s a philosophy. We will only represent people, not corporations, hospitals or insurance companies, just people. That’s what we enjoy doing.”

“I have worked with outstanding people. Brilliant attorneys; But I didn’t hire them because I was impressed with their degrees and certifications. We don’t hire diplomas here, we hire people.”

Mike is devoted to his family (wife Bette, of 47 years, three children, Christina, Michael Jr., Marc, and his grandchildren, Anthony, Mary and Michael) and to his God.

After more than 55 years of practicing law Mike retired in 2019, turning the practice over to his senior attorneys, George Oschal, Karl Kwak and Jimmy Albert.

"He molded the firm and each of us to be champions of the underdog," Kwak said. "We were taught that by representing people, just people, one case at a time, we could make a difference in the world."

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