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Linda L. Bartlett, Esq.

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"All I ever wanted to do was

to work with people and help

them with their problems."

Linda Bartlett tells everyone there is nothing special about her, and she really believes that.

Then you find out about her great - great grandmother,a 100% Seneca Indian. And her 100 acres of grapes which get turned into Welch's juice and jellies. And the four marathons she has run.

And that's not to mention her role with the American Business Women's Association, former Woman of the Year, and the Young Lawyers Association of Luzerne County.

Oh, yes, as a college student at Penn State, she studied for a semester in Germany and spent a summer in Austria.

Special? "Not me", Linda says. "I'm just an average girl. Kinda quiet, actually."

Linda always knew she wanted to help people. "It was medicine or law," she says. "All I ever wanted to do was to work with people and help them with their problems."

Not a native of this area, Linda has resided in Pittston ever since joining Cefalo and Associates.

"I'm originally from North East, Pa.," quickly pointing out that there is actually a town called North East. "It's in Erie County, so, when I got the job here, I had to move from North East, Pa, to Northeast Pa."

Linda feels right at home in the apartment she rents in the Oregon section of Pittston. "My landlord speaks Italian," she says. "When I go home after work there is usually a pot of something wonderful waiting for me on the stairs."

And what's this about the grapes?

"I come from a long line of farmers. My father, my uncle, my brother, and my cousins are all grape farmers. My grandparents on my mother's side ran a dairy farm."

Common people. It's who Linda is, and it's who she wants to represent.
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