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Practice - Worker's Compensation

Injured? Call us!

  • If you were injured at work, the most important thing to do to protect yourself is immediately notify your employer and seek any medical treatment you may need.
  • The next most important thing you should do to protect yourself is call our office to fully and accurately learn your rights to medical treatment.

The initial period of time following a work injury is critical to the determination of your rights to workers compensation benefits.

Don't blindly trust that your employer or its insurance company has fully, completely and accurately informed you about your right to control your medical treatment. You have the right to go for medical treatment at any time after suffering a work injury and notifying your employer and you have the right to control what medical treatment you receive.

Do you know that only a doctor can tell you when you are able to return to work – not your employer?

Don't compromise your rights or risk your health allowing your employer or its insurance company to control your medical treatment. Remember, the bottom line is that an employer does not make money if you're disabled from working and an insurance company does not make money if it is paying that money to you. That's why employers and their insurance companies want to control your medical treatment.

There is a lot more that you need to know.

What is the 90-day-rule is and what does it means to you as an injured worker?

Are you receiving the right amount of compensation?

What is the purpose of a vocational interview?

We have a special department that handles only Worker's Compensation cases staffed by a team of experienced attorneys led by Andy Shumlas is ready to answer your questions.

Protect yourself by learning your rights.

The initial consultation with our workers compensation department is FREE.

So call us at (570) 655-5555 or send us an e-mail  and let us help you.

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